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Christian Arndt & Data Protection Regulation: Breakfast Club Report

24 January 2018

Did you miss this morning's Breakfast Club event at OneCoWork? Do not worry, here you have a summary of what happened, followed by the presentation used... Many thanks for attending the event those of you who did! And for those of you who could not make it, here you have a summary.


Did you know that there will be a new law in data security protection that will be mandatory starting May 25th, 2018 for any business that is run in the EU? This will affect the way you collect, treat and manage data in your company (including customers, staff, providers, etc.).

This new law affects not only online, but offline data too. Its main focus is to implement and put into action the correct processes when dealing with personal data within a company. E-privacy is about having the right processes to make sure you meet the requirements in terms of cookies, passwords, imprint and applications. 

And what happens if you don't meet the law requirements? You might be paying a penalty of 4% of your worldwide turnover. We suggest companies should work on this before the law is mandatory, forcing everyone to meet the requirements. Talk to your legal advisors, talk to your lawyers, or get in touch with Wiemer Arndt they will make sure your company is ready for the change!

And of course, if you still have doubts about this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment, or even better, contact Christian and his company: Wiemer Arndt





Once again, thank you very much for attending and do not forget, if you want to take part in this weekly event, please get in touch with our community managers or send an email to info@onecowork.com.

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